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This page used to contain the description of my vision for this challenge but I’ve decided to tidy up to avoid confusion.  You can find that on a separate page here now: The Benefits of a BaCC.

I have decided to split the challenge rules into two versions.  The Un-Modded rules are finished.  They are almost exactly what they were originally for Sims 2 except I took out the population multiplier because it confused the heck out of everyone.  This version will focus almost completely on unlocking careers in the beginning and will be much more difficult since without mods your sims can’t earn income off of most community lots.  If you play purely vanilla this is the link for you:

Un-Modded One Founder Rules


Attention: At this time the testing of the modded version has halted indefinitely.  The Cats and Dogs patch changed a lot in the game coding and I don’t trust any of these mods that were quickly patched up and re-released enough to put them in my game.  At some time in the future when I feel more confident in them, I will hopefully return to it. 

Modded Version Testing Rules


Shoutout to Cassie aka @limetiger91 for helping me with the testing and listening to me endlessly yammer on trying to come up with ideas and solve problems.  You can check out her new blog here: CGEORGOPOULOS.


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